Resources For Local Research and Vital Records

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If you send a request to any of these resources by mail, please make sure you include a business sized Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE).

Warren-Trumbull Co. Public Library Genealogy Room

Warren-Trumbull County Public Library Web Page
Local History & Genealogy Room Web Page

444 Mahoning Avenue NW
Warren, Ohio 44483
(330) 399-8807 ext 202

The Local History and Genealogy Room is on the second floor of the library. The collection is staffed by one full time employee and assisted by part-time employees and Volunteers from the Trumbull County Chapter, O.G.S.

Equipment Available: Public-access computer terminal to library card catalog, CD-ROM equipment, microfilm readers, a reader-printer, a microfiche reader, and photocopier.

Trumbull County Archives Department
185 E Market Street STE B
First Floor
Warren, Ohio 44481
Phone: (330) 675-6615
Lynn Wallace-Smith, Records Manager
Open Weekdays
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


If writing to the Archives office, please send a SASE, along with 10 cents a page for copies. If it needs to be certified for genealogy purposes, the Records Manager at Archives can do it. If it needs to be certified for legal reasons (i.e. certified copy of marriage cert.), it needs to go to Probate Court ($2.00 certification fee.). Costs at the Clerk's Office: 50 cents for certification, 5 cents a copy. There may or may not be a search fee.

The Following records are housed in the Trumbull County Archives

Auditors Tax Duplicates 1811, 1839-1946
Auditors Transfer Lists 1960-1992
These two records series are the same-lists of who owns property in each district/township of the county, and the amount of taxes paid; it also includes when and to whom property is sold.

Births 1867-1908 These records are indexed on cards alphabetically, although they are not actual birth certificates. However, one can be created if one is required.

Commissioners Journals 1828-1929 Actions taken by the commissioners for the citizens of Trumbull County.

Deaths 1867-1908 These Records are indexed on cards alphabetically, but are not actual death certificates.

Estates 1803-1989 These records contain information about the deceased person and family, (may also refer to wills), inventory and account records from Probate Court.

Marriages 1800- Sept. 1995 Arranged alphabetically on index cards, by male and female names. Actual Certificates available.

Marriage records-- 1986-Present--Probate Court has created an index for marriages on the computer. Actual certificates are available.

Marriage License start in 1816 as a separate record, in 1891 they were combined with certificates.

Mortgage Indexes 1850-1947

Mortgage Records 1850-1947 These records should be checked for property owners, who did not purchase their property outright. They may have had property, but did not pay it off for many years and thus would not be listed in the deed records.

Probate Journals 1854-1966 These maintain a record of the daily court action taken on a case. Included are adoptions, guardianships, trusts, estates, wills, etc... (Estate and will records refer to an entry, to a specific volume and page, if it was recorded there.)

Wills 1841-1966

Probate Records 1803-1953

Probate Docket/Administration Docket 1837-Up

Deeds May be found in the Trumbull County Recorder, Diana Marcheses' office.

Many other records from various Trumbull County Departments are also housed in the Archives. If the information requested is prior to 1970, please send the request to the archives. If the information is not stored there, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate county office.

Trumbull County Recorder
Microfilm, Archives (see above), Printing

160 High Street
Warren, Ohio 44481
(330) 675-2401

Diana Marchese, Trumbull County Recorder

Trumbull County Courthouse

High Street, NW, Warren, Ohio 44481

Trumbull County Probate Court

(330) 675-2521

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts

(330) 675-2557

Division of Vital Statistics
258 East Market Street
Warren, Ohio 44481
(330) 841-2541

Birth and Death Records from December 1908
$25.00 Each for Birth and/or Death Records, plus SASE.