Probate Records
1803-1989 These records contain information about the deceased person and family, (may also refer to wills), inventory and account records from Probate Court.
Probate Journals
1854-1966 These maintain a record of the daily court action taken on a case. Included are adoptions, guardianships, trusts, estates, wills, etc... (Estate and will records refer to an entry, to a specific volume and page, if it was recorded there.)
Probate Records
1803-1853 Includes wills up to (1841) & estates inventories and acts of the decessed.
Probate Docket/Administration Docket
1837- 1970's

Resources for obtaining Wills & Estates

Trumbull County Probate Court

Judge Thomas. A. Swift
161 High Street, NW
Warren, Ohio 44481
(330) 675-2521
(330) 675-3024 fax
Hours: 8:30 to 4:30, M-F

Trumbull County Archives

Stone Building (Across the street from the Courthouse)
118 High Street, NW
Warren, Ohio 44481
Emily L. Varner, Archivist

Many records from various Trumbull County Departments are housed in the Archives. If the information requested is prior to 1970, please send the request to the archives. If the information is not stored there, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate county office.

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